Monday, September 26, 2005

OBT: Leslie Hubricht

Dear Colleagues,

North America has just lost one of its most prolific naturalists and collectors. Leslie Raymond Hubricht, mollusk (and milliped) collector par excellence, world authority on the land snails of the Eastern United States, and author of numerous articles on North American land and freshwater mollusks, died on September 19 at the age of 97 after a period of declining health.

The Field Museum's Division of Invertebrates enjoyed a close cooperation with Leslie, developed during the tenures of former curators Fritz Haas (1938 to 1965) and Alan Solem (1956 to 1990). This culminated in his milestone publication The Distributions of the Native Land Mollusks of the Eastern United States in Field Museum’s Fieldiana series in 1985 and the donation of his monumental self-collected collection of 43,000 series to this museum in 1990.

Leslie Hubricht’s legacy, left in about 150 publications and in form of more than 500,000 meticulously documented specimens that will be available to future generations of researchers, is here to stay.